Prometheus is a Centrifugal Microfluidic platform capable of detecting Bacterial and Viral DNA in patient samples.

Centrifugal Microfluidics

The term Lab-on-a-Disc (LoaD) has been used to describe "compact disk (CD)" size microfluidic chips which use centrifugal forces to move fluid through small channels and microchambers. As different fluids are forced outward from the centre of rotation they encounters a number of channels, valves and chambers which can direct and delay their addition to one another, this simple process can allow the Lab-on-a-disc platform to replicate essentially any laboratory based process  or analysis. By combining a novel heating method specific to small locations on the LoaD we open the door to a low cost method of Polymerase Chain Reaction.  Using a high number of micrometer sized reaction chambers we can screen for the presence of viral, bacterial and resistant genes on one easy to uses Lab-on-a-disc cartridge.

Polymerase Chain Reaction

PCR is used as the gold standard for Identifying Bacterial and Viral infections. By combining this technique with Fluorescence detection of intercalating dye in Micrometer sized PCR chambers we reduce the volume of reagents required and create a real time output of amplification, thereby considerably reducing the time to results.

Fluorescent Detection

Similar to how a CD is read by a laser, we use fluorescent detection of amplified DNA or RNA targets using fluorescent dyes. As the Lab-on-a-disk rotates each chamber is read by the laser and detector. Each PCR microchamber detects a specific target within the sample, by analysing which targets are present the platform can make an identification of the infectious agent.